NAR Section 785
Model Rocket Enthusiasts along the I-29 corridor in South Dakota.

First meeting of the year is coming up on January 31st, 2016.  
It will be at a member house in Sioux Falls, so please e-mail me for directions if interested.

Currently centered around Brookings, South Dakota, we aim to support local rocket enthusiasts regardless of how simple or complex they wish the hobby to be.
We fly everything from Estes RTF's on mini-motors, all the way up to big L2 high powered rockets.  It's all about the flying, and having fun.

We have mulitple high power certified fliers, and thus will be able to offer L1 and L2 certifications through NAR once we have a high-power field nailed down.
Multiple low-powered fields are within our access, and we'll be testing them out through 2016 to nail down where our permanent home will be.
We're also hoping to have a motor vendor on-site during 2016 as well.... details will be posted as we have them.

For one launch in the Summer, we do make a drive out to fly with the wonderful guys at Tripoli Southern Minnesota, to enjoy their big field and high altitude waiver.

E-mail the President at
For members, our forums are accessible at.
(Note: You'll need to register to see all of the forums.
 Drop me an e-mail if I don't approve in a day or so.)

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